Make it all about me, and I’ll buy it! (ePub+pdf)

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440 pages, in colour.

If you find it hard to get through to the board of directors with your omnichannel vision then this is the right  book for you.

”The book is targeted at sales and marketing managers. The author hits the bullseye of this target group.”
***** – Ulla Bechsgaard, Jyllandsposten

“Rasmus Houlind has written a book that should be on the bookshelf in all marketing departments in Denmark.”
**** – Henrik Ørholst, Børsen Executive

Varenummer: 4.


On the basis of the experience and input of over 50 specialists from the Danish business community, as well as the latest articles and literature in the field, this book offers you the Omnichannel Hexagon, a model that provides a framework for targeting your marketing efforts and ensuring that every step you take is a step closer to the perfectly tailored customer experience – without sacrificing profitability.

The book will give you a background for and understanding of the six disciplines within omnichannel marketing and how to manage them in a more and more customercentric manner. The Omnichannel Hexagon will give you a visual representation of how far along your organization is in working with omnichannel, and what barriers might impede your further progress in it.

You can match your company with the archetypal maturity levels for omnichannel marketing and find help with formulating a strategy or furthering the process. In addition, the model will serve as a litmus test of whether and how you should organize your next marketing project and what factors you should take into account to really bring you closer to the best possible, most profitable customer experience.


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